The Arabian Beauty

I wrote this poem to Lea as an upshot of a strapping argument about a dromedary is not a camel. She says a dromedary is not a camel, two hump(Bactrian Camel ) is a camel but one hump is a dromedary!

I wrote this to Lea (“Am not Arabian though” she said). That is why I had to write her My Copenhagen’s Mermaid.
Arabian Camel(Dromedary) is a reminder of our everlasting argument
But all in all she loves them all.

Her Beauty comes from within and I Know that! 🙂

The Arabian Beauty

I saw your face,
As the Saharan Desert sun ascended!
Up on the Arabian camel’s back,
With the back and forth rhythm
As the camel walk away from the rising delightful Sun!
I saw beauty that no man ever dreamt of,
I saw a whole new beginning
I saw springs in the Desert,
When you looked at me,
My eyes blinded with your Beauty,
My heart craving for your touch!
My lips trembling for your soft kiss!
Is it true that I can really have you?
Is it true that I can be with you?
Is it true that I can kiss you?
Please enlighten me Is It True…
For I know it is true that I love you…
My Arabian Beauty.



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