Red Flag On Denial of Objective Truth

Bad Argument Forms About Vagueness goes like this:

“There is really no difference between X and Y because it is often quite unclear whether something is X or Y.”

Example : “There is really no such thing as objective truth or falsity. Whether something is true or false is often hard to say.”

This is a bad argument because even though a distinction might have borderline cases, it does not follow that the distinction is not real. For example, it might sometimes be unclear whether a room is dark or bright. But
(a) there is still a real distinction between dark and bright rooms, and
(b) there can be clear cases where we have one but not the other.

Vagueness means not thinking or expressing oneself clearly or  not clearly expressed; inexplicit. Moreover an term is vague if it has an imprecise boundary

Studying how to critically think, logical thinking and creative thinking will help you Red flag this kind of bad formed vagueness arguments.

Inspired by Critical Thinking: