Taking Jesus To The Street

Teen Evangelism
Working with teenagers and youth, that find hard to listen a sermon of 30-45 Minutes can be very challenging. But I believe Sermon Jams is the answer! Their music, their style, the hunger, and the Gospel mixed up in a creative way to reach Teens and Youth.

Sermon-jam by my own definition is taking the Gospel to the street, with street tempo, street jamming, with street passion, for new age musical lover who seek God. Sermon in less than 5 minutes!

Sermon Jam Social an Online community of Gospel centred creativity(Sermon Jams Social) have great stuff for youth and new age Christians.

Free Christian Rap Music, Free Best and Creative Sermonjam for download, Free full Christian Rap Albums.

For you to enjoy this site, just open it in a new tab and enjoy the Sermonjams while they play automatic.

All Sermonjams are worth hearing over and over.

Sermon Jams Social