Pow! There Goes A Skeptic Down

Joseph Martin Kronheim (1810-1896)

Christian: Do you know that, the first Christians died for their belief that Christ Jesus rose again?

Skeptic: Well, Terrorists die everyday for their belief, dying for your belief does not make it true!

Christian: You got that right! But have you noticed that Terrorists die because they believe what they are told to be true, thus if they knew it was false, the would not sacrifice their lives. Liars make poor martyrs.

Skeptic: Yes, what is your point?

Christian: My point is, the first Christian, including Jesus’ own followers were ready to be burnt, tortured and killed(to which many were), not for what they were told to be true as Terrorists, but what they saw and knew to be true.

Pow! There Goes A Skeptic Down 🙂

One thought on “Pow! There Goes A Skeptic Down

  1. Historical Document That attest to the martyring of First Christians:

    1. Shepherd of Hermas (Parable 9, section 28 [or ch 105]; Vision 3, section 1, verse 9-2:1 [or ch 9:9-10:1]; 5:2 [or ch 13:2])
    2. Melito of Sardis (cited by Eusebius, Ecc His, 4:26:3)
    3. Dionysius of Corinth (cited by Eusebius, Ecc His, 2:25:8)
    4. Hegesippus (cited by Eusebius, 3:32:3; 2:23:18; 4:22:4)
    5. Eusebius (Ecc His, 5:2:2-3; 1:26, 48; 2:25)
    6. Polycrates of Ephesus (Bishop of Ephesus) in his letter to Victor of Rome
    7. Josephus (Ant 20:200)
    8. Stephen (Acts 7:59-60)
    9. James (Acts 12:2) 10. Antipas (Revelation 2:13)

    Thanks To Mike Licona

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