Pow! There Goes Mithra Myth Down

Copyist: Nothing in Christianity is original. The First Christians copied everything.

Christian: Oh! Care to explain how?


Copyist: Christians copy the birth of Jesus, December 25th from Mithraism

Christian: I am sorry to disappoint you, nowhere does the Biblical or Historical document place Jesus’ birth on December 25th. It was not until around 300 A.D did the church began to celebration Jesus’ birth on that date.

Copyist: Oh! How about this, Christians borrow virgin birth. Mithra was born of a virgin!

Christian: You are very wrong, The Roman’s Mithra was chopped out of a solid rock, fully grown man and the Iranian’s Mithra, was born from incestuous relationship between Ahura-Mazda and his mother.

Copyist: Well, I read Acharya’s book, to which the youtube Zeitgeist movie is based, and she said that Indian’s Mitra was born of a female, Aditi, the ‘mother of the gods’ the inviolable or virgin dawn”

Christian: The problem with her book is that she quotes authors who quoted others and none of them produced their original source. In The Vishnu Purana, Aditi is the daughter of Daksha and the wife of Kashyapa and she was a mother of 8. Other documents show that Aditi was a wife of Vishnu.

Copyist: How about Anahita, as the virgin mother of Iranian Mithra?

Christian: That is doubtful, because Anahita was regarded as Mithras’ consort, a royal mate.

Copyist: Okay, What about: Mithra was considered a great traveling teacher and master?

Christian: Is  not that expected of any major religious leader?

Copyist: Oh! That was a bit lame. Well, but Mithra had 12 disciples?

Christian: That can not be true. Iranian’s Mithra had one companion, Varuna and the Roman’s Mithra had two helpers, Cautes and Cautopatres.

Copyist: How about Mithra performing miracles?

Lying Pinnochio

Christian: Okay, so what?

Copyist: Did your Jesus not do that?

Christian: Totally, together with many other prophets and not to mention his followers also.

Copyist: You are not going to deny this one, Mithra, as the great bull of the Sun, sacrificed himself for world peace.

Christian: He was not the great bull of the Sun, but the killer of the bull. If Christian copied that, then Jesus is suppose to be crucifying another being for the peace of the world.

Copyist: Oh! I see. How would you explain Mithra been buried and resurrected after three days? Your own Church Father Tertullian wrote that.

Christian: Indeed he did in Prescription Against Heretics chapter 40.

“if my memory still serves me, Mithra there, (in the kingdom of Satan, ) sets his marks on the foreheads of his soldiers; celebrates also the oblation of bread, and introduces an image of a resurrection, and before a sword wreathes a crown”

Christian: In Mithraic mythology of creation of the world, the sun god sent a messenger, raven to Mithra, ordering him to sacrifice the bull, when the bull was killed, it metamorphosed into a moon, Mithra’s cloak into the vault of sky with planets and fixed stars, and from the bulls genitals rain holy seeds on earth, forming every creatures.

Copyist: Oh, so there is were they get the Creator of the World title.

Christian: Yes, and after the sacrifice which turn out to be the creation of the universe, Mithra and the sun god hold a banqueted together, ate meat and bread, and drank wine. Then Mithra mounted the chariot of the sun god and drove with him across the ocean, through the air to the end of the world.

Copyist: I though Mithra was killed and resurrected!

Christian: That would be impossible since he did not die.

Copyist: Oh I see! So how about all other Mithra’s title: “Way, the Truth and the Light,” and the “Logos,” “Redeemer,” “Savior” and “Messiah”, the “Mediator”, “Sun of Righteousness”, the “Light of the World”, “Lord of the Contract”, “Protector”, “Upholder of Truth”? Sound like your Christian Jesus’ to me.

Mithra Killing The Bull

Christian: That is simply twisting words. It is like calling the emergence called 911, September 11. You need to understand the context to which these titles are used. For example: If a doctor saves a patient life, you would not title him, The Redeemer, or the Savior as in a Christianity, would you?

Copyist: No, I reckon.

Christian: It will do you good if you read the context to see in what sense is Jesus or Mithra the light of the world. In Roman’s Mithraism, Mithra is the noon light, and his two tiny companion, Cautes and Cautopatres are his torch bears, probably symbolizing sun rise and sun set.

Copyist: How about Lord of the Contract,Upholder of Truth and the Protector?

Christian: The word Mithra, in Avestan, means contract. Mithraism, a military religion, Mithra played a role of upholding truth, orders, and contract.

Copyist: How about the Protector?

Christian: Mithra realm was described as vouru gaoyaoiti, literal meaning is ‘having wide cattle-pastures’,  which was in accordance with his role as protector of cows.

Copyist: Cows! No way!

Christian: Yeap!

Pow! There Goes Copyist Down

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  1. Beatiful, I’ll make sure to direct people to this post when speaking of Mithra 😉

    • Oh! Thank you Pierce: For online exploring of Myth, make sure to choose guanine/reliable sources.

      Here are some of online literatures also I researched.

      The University of Texas: Old Iranian Hymns: Avestan: Yasna and Young Avestan

      Encyclopædia Britannica Online Library Edition Not free but without it. If you are a member of a library or university student check out if your library Britannica. You can use your library ID to get free accesses.

      Mithraism. (2011). In Encyclopædia Britannica.

      More: MS Mithraic Studies: Proceedings of the First International Congress of Mithraic Studies. Manchester U. Press, 1975.

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