Pow! There Goes Horus Myth Down

Copyist: Do you know that Christians borrowed  Jesus, the Son of God Story from Horus, the Sun god of Egypt, who was worshiped about 3000 years before Jesus?


Christian: How could that be possible? 5000 years ago, Horus was not a sun god. Ra was the god of the sun and Horus was a god of the Sky.

Copyist: Oh! Is that so?

Christian: Yes, the moon and the sun were considered as the eyes of Horus. He was then known as Heru-khuti.

Copyist: Okay, that is just a small false detail, but you can not deny that they copied Horus birth day, Horus was also born on December 25th.

Christian: That is false. First, Christians do not know which date Jesus was born, and second, you got it wrong claiming that Horus was born on December 25th. Horus, in some traditions, is believed to born on the 5th day of Epagomenal Days.

Copyist: Is not Epagomenal Days, December 25th?

Christian: Nope, Historians places them in August 24-28th in our modern calendars.

Copyist: What will you say then, to the virgin birth, by Isis-Meri, Meri sounds like Virgin Mary?

Christian: Any god, goddess or a royal member that was loved was given a title Meri , example Meri-Maat, a goddess of harmony, justice, and truth, Meri-Bast(Bastet) and Osorkon I and II. More over Mary was quite a common name in Jesus’ time, there is nothing special with that.

Copyist: Did not Christian stole, the virgin birth then?

Christian: Nope, Isis was not a virgin, she was a widow, her husband, Horus’ father Osiris was killed, by Set. Isis used some magic spells to bring her husband to life, long enough to conceive a baby Horus.

Copyist: I am not done. How about Horus having 12 disciples?


Christian: Well, that is not true, Horus had four semi-divine disciples, known as heru-shemsu, 16 human followers and unnumbered group of blacksmith know as “Mesniu” who accompanied him in battles.

Copyist: How about Horus been crucified, died and rising again on the 3rd day?

Christian: That is weird, because it is believed by Historian that crucifixion was practice by the Persians, Seleucids, Carthaginians, and Romans about the 6th century  to the 4th century BC. It will be so early for 3000 BC god to be killed in a form not yet invented. Don’t you think?

Copyist: Oh! But will you accept that Horus was betrayed and killed and one the 3rd day rose again?

Christian: No, I will not accept it. I think you are confusing between Horus and his father Osiris. Osiris was tricked by his brother, killed and thrown into the water, Isis brought him to life, but not to the land of the living, but the Underworld.

Copyist: Is that not a resurrection?

Christian: Not in the worldview of Jews, Jewish resurrection means ones body is restored to an immortal body into the land of the living. You have to keep in mind that no ancient religion would wanted a body resurrection. The body was considered a prison for the spirit. Dying was freeing the spirit from its captivity.

Copyist: Well, but did not Horus died and resurrected?

Christian: No, Horus never died, he merged with the sun god Ra, and was known as Re-Horakhty.

Copyist: I do not know what to say. Is there any truth is this conspiracy of Christian copying from Egyptian religions?

Christian: The only thing that I can think of is the church paintings, but those are not Jesus’ story!

Pow! There Goes Horus Myth Down. Myth Busted!


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  1. nice playing both parts to get your point across. very funny. and you cant understand anyway.. lol

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