4 thoughts on “There Is No God?

  1. Timeless and spaceless? That would mean outside of the universe and by definition nothing outside the universe can interact within the universe (if it did it wouldn’t be timeless or spaceless). BTW, would the greatest possible being that lacks the ability to not exist be greater than the being that has the ability to not exist? Since my mother and father created me but they are both temporal and in space, guess your definition of god is wrong.

    • Oh! You miss understood me. God is Timeless and Spacless in relation to himself.

      From Kalam Argument, we can tell that the attribute of what caused the beginning of time, space and material(e.g. universe) has to be timeless and spaceless, immaterial and unembodied mind.

      After the creation, God can be said to have enter time and space(God in relationship to the creation).

      It is not a greatest possible being, but greatest conceivable being, and not to exist will be a square circle.

      In deed you parents are temporal, but they did not create you out of nothing(Philosophical nothing) 🙂

      Sorry I was not clear. I do not blame you, I can be hard to understand 🙂

    • God is the greatest conceivable being, who is timeless,spaceless, immaterial, and personal creator of all created beings.

      I hope I tried to answer your question. 🙂

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