Pow! There Goes A Skeptic 1.1 Down

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Skeptic: No one can know the truth.

Christian: Is that  true?

Skeptic: Yes, it is true.

Christian: So, one can know certain truth. In your case, it is true that no one can know the truth.

Skeptic: What if I change my answer to “No, it is not true.”

Christian: Well, if what you told me is not true, why should I listen to you.

Skeptic: Okay! But that was just my personal opinion.

Christian: Is your personal opinion true then?

Skeptic: Opinions are neither true or false. Its a free country, I am entitled to what I say.

Christian: It is a free country in a sense that you are free to speak your mind. I am just asking if what you’re free to speak namely “No one can know the truth” is true.

Skeptic: That is just your opinion of what it means by a free country. Which is neither right nor wrong.

Christian: What about my opinion of 2 + 2 = 3, is that also neither right nor wrong?

Skeptic: It is wrong, 2 + 2 = 4.

Christian: So, opinions can be right or wrong.

Skeptic: Oh! I never thought of it that way.

9 thoughts on “Pow! There Goes A Skeptic 1.1 Down

  1. Héhéhé…that’s a good one…good point, but we can always assign probabilities to the truth, whether or not we can know it with certainty (we might invent some super-machine or something, make some discovery that could actually prove that God exists or doesn’t, even if such a thing seems inconceivable to us today, settling the question once and for all)…

      • Hahaha…I feel what’s in between the parentheses is highly implausible myself…but I wouldn’t call it “impossible” on those grounds (who’d have thought of relativity, or the strangeness of the quantum world)?…

        You remind me of a philosopher, Auguste Comte…he wrote that we would never know the chemical composition of the stars, and, brr…before he had those writings published, it had been done…take it from Justin Bieber: “Never say “Never” “…(héhéhé, from “The God Delusion”, I just looked it up; you see, we nonbelievers have a copy readily available for life threatening situations)…

      • Hahaha…good one, resembles the article (which I agree with)…but not so fast, héhé, I mean “Never say something will never happen”, one “never” is about speaking , the other about possibilities

        Hope it comes out looking alright, finally remarked the HTML recommendations at the bottom of the comment box, trying them out…I’m so blind…

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