As a biochemist and software developer who works in genetic and metabolic screening, I am continually amazed by the incredible complexity of life. For example, each of us has a vast ‘computer program’ of six billion DNA bases in every cell that guided our development from a fertilized egg, specifies how to make more than 200 tissue types, and ties all this together in numerous highly functional organ systems. Few people outside of genetics or biochemistry realize that evolutionists still can provide no substantive details at all about the origin of life, and particularly the origin of genetic information in the first self-replicating organism. What genes did it require — or did it even have genes? How much DNA and RNA did it have — or did it even have nucleic acids? How did huge information-rich molecules arise before natural selection? Exactly how did the genetic code linking nucleic acids to amino acid sequence originate? Clearly the origin of life — the foundation of evolution – is still virtually all speculation, and little if no fact.

—  Chris Williams, Ph.D., Biochemistry Ohio State University

Cited From: A Scientific Dissent From Darwinism


The Ticking Boom Of Evolution Theory

3 thoughts on “The Ticking Boom Of Evolution Theory

  1. I find it sad and amazing that a biochemist with a PhD writes as if he doesn’t know the difference between evolution and abiogenesis.

  2. I think much of what he says there is accurate…don’t tell me they tricked him into signing the petition on those grounds!…Any biologist, I think (I’m certainly not sure about the details in the quote, of course), would agree that the actual origin of life is not explained by evolution…does that mean we have to say: “I can’t explain it yet: it must be God!!”…Absolutely not…

    Again, voting over questions is not how science is done (and, if it were, you’d have to admit evolution’s victory a long time ago: a longer list was compiled using only scientists named “Steve”)…the evidence is out there and is compelling…

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