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Defining Terms:

Macro-evolution – Refers to the emergence of major innovations or the unguided development of new structures(like wings) new organs(like lungs), and body plans(like the origin of insects and birds). It includes changes above the species level.

Micro-evolution – Refers to minor variations that occur in populations over time. Examples include variation in moth coloration and finch beaks, and the emergence of different breeds of dogs.

Darwinism – The belief that undirected mechanistic processes(primary random mutation and natural selection) can account for all the diverse and complex living organisms that exist. Insists that there is no long range plan or purpose in the history of life(ie.,that changes happen without intent)

Creationism –  the theory that God’s creation occurred directly and not through Darwinian mechanism of evolution. Young earth creationist believe that all the earth is no more than 10,000 years old, and that all biological life forms were created in six calendar days and have remained  relatively stable throughout their existence, while Old earth creationist claiming it to be more than 5 billion years.

Intelligent Design – The belief that earth and biological life owe their existence to a purposeful, intelligent creator.

3 thoughts on “So What is What!

  1. Let me clarify what I meant by saying microevolution is really a stupid term. The theory of evolution has six different components. They are
    1. Evolution
    2. Gradualism
    3. Speciation
    4. Common ancestry
    5. Natural selection
    6. Nonselective mechanisms for evolutionary change.

    For the most part these component parts are connected to each other but one in particular is independent of the others and that is gradualism. At times, evolution does happen quite fast and can even be seen in a laboratory. In general though, evolutionary changes are gradual.

    What you are calling macroevolution versus microevolution is really gradual change (component #2). Add up enough gradual change and you have speciation (component #3 – funny how 3 follows 2 isn’t it).

    If you want me to explain these six components further, your going to have to be patient but I promise to write about this on my blog in 1-2 weeks.

  2. There is no such thing as Darwinism. Essentially it is a Christian term that tries to denigrate evolution as if it were a religion with Darwin worship. Oddly enough it is almost as if Christians who use the term are saying – see, you believe in an irrational religion like I do.

    Your example of differing dog breeds is not micro evolution (which really is a stupid term) but artificial selection. Before you write stuff it’s a good idea to research it at least a little first.

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