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Faith is the art of holding on to things your reason has once accepted, in spite of your changing moods.

– C.S. Lewis


What Faith Is …

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  1. “Faith”: such an abused word. Often faith is defined by “believing in something in spite of the evidence”. That’s a horrible definition, but I can see why it came about. Many religious people have a set of dogmatic beliefs that they hold to no matter what, because any hole in their belief system shatters their entire Universe. But if God is a God of Truth, then the best way to worship is to actively welcome that Truth, no matter where it brings us — for that is up to God to decide.

    Anti-theists who attack faith based on this definition are just as dogmatic (I think they are flip sides of the same coin). They’ve failed the very first principle of critical thinking: the principle of charity.

    If we look at what religious people mean by faith, it means much more than just intellectual truth. There is a sense of trust, of being one with God, of modes of behaviour and attitude towards other people, of living a full life. I think it is these attributes of faith that are more fruitful to be discussed.

  2. Sorry about being so late to respond to this one. I’ve been away having tons of fun (without internet access) for about a week.

    Anyway, I think this statement is false for most believers, since most people don’t initially believe due to reasoning but instead due to things like childhood indoctrination or any one of several well-documented cognitive biases. I would actually say faith is the art of using reasoning to justify something you initially believed simply because you were told it was true.

    • Hej Brap,

      Great to see you back and I do hope you enjoyed that tons of fun 🙂

      Our parents indoctrinated us with multiplication table and 2 + 2 = 4 and so on, which we later come to justify ourselves, this ought to be the same with faith, no matter which faith your in, being indoctrinated with atheism, or Islam or Christianity, we ought to come out and test and see.

      In my case I tested and found that it is true, I have a good rational and basic ground in Christianity. Tested, tried and found True.

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