Is God Dead?

Alvin Plantinga

“Philosophers refurbish the tools of reason to sharpen arguments for theism God? Wasn’t he chased out of heaven by Marx, banished to the unconscious by Freud and announced by Nietzsche to be deceased? Did not Darwin drive him out of the empirical world? Well, not entirely. In a quiet revolution in thought and argument that hardly anyone could have foreseen only two decades ago, God is making a comeback. Most intriguingly, this is happening not among theologians or ordinary believers—most of whom never accepted for a moment that he was in any serious trouble—but in the crisp, intellectual circles of academic philosophers, where the consensus had long banished the Almighty from fruitful discourse.”

In “Modernizing the Case for God,”  Monday, April 7 1980, Time magazine

Is God Dead?

A wonderful article on the come back of Arguments for Existence of God answering  “Is God Dead?” Times’ cover story of  April 8, 1966.

Is God dead? It is a question that tantalizes both believers, who perhaps secretly fear that he is, and atheists, who possibly suspect that the answer is no.

God is making a come back and I am proud to be alive witnessing  a great number of Christians recapturing our lost ground of Reason/Philosophy, in loving God with all our mind.

No fear, No tantalizing question, God is alive and well in the intelligentsia. As “Modernizing the Case for God” article concludes:

But if in an age of science, faith in God can be more rationally grounded, as a growing number of philosophers now attest, then the reasoning soul who is so inclined can more surely and assuredly feel comfortable in moving beyond reason.

My Top Seven Christian Philosophers:

  1. Alvin Plantinga (Recommended books: God Freedom and Evil, The Nature of Necessity, Warranted Christian Belief, Naturalism Defeated?)
  2. William Lane Craig (Reasonable Faith, Does God Exist? (w/ Antony Flew), The Kalam Cosmological Argument, Philosophical Foundations for a Christian Worldview)
  3. J. P. Moreland (Consciousness and the Existence of God, Scaling the Secular City, The Kingdome Triangle, Naturalism: A Critical Analysis, Jesus Under Fire, The Creation Hypothesis)
  4. Paul Copan (True For You, But Not For Me; How Do You Know You’re Not Wrong?, Loving Wisdom: Christian Philosophy of Religion, Is God A Moral Monster)
  5. R. Douglas Geivett (Evil and the Evidence for God, In Defense of Miracles)
  6. Stephen T. Davis (God, Reason, and Theistic Proofs, Christian Philosophical Theology, Risen Indeed)
  7. Gary Habermas (The Historical Jesus, The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus, Resurrected?, The Risen Jesus and Future Hope)

Two Great Christian Philosophical Works:

Philosophical Journal: Philosophia Christi
Three Christian Philosophical Blogs On Top Ten Philosophical Rank Blogs:
[William Lane Craig is]“the one Christian apologist who seems to have put the fear of God into many of my fellow atheists” – Sam Harris

4 thoughts on “Is God Dead?

  1. I was not saying that statistics defended the truth, all I was saying is that non-belief is just as prevalent as many denominations.
    Christianity…………….2.1 billion followers breaks out to…Catholic 1.1 billion…protestant 1.0 billion
    Islam…………………….1.6 billion followers
    non-believers…………1.1 billion
    Hindus…………………..maybe 1 billion
    Buddhist………………..maybe 1 billion
    Jews……………………..maybe 14 million worldwide
    Jehovah’s Witness….maybe 7 million worldwide
    Mormons……………….maybe 14 million wordlwide

    All figures 2009 are plus or minus…up to the minute statistics do not exist

    • I am impressed with “the Statics” but it is irrelevant. I would like you to defend your claim namely:

      “Actually God was never alive except in the minds of the poor benighted followers. Over 2,000 years now and still no viable proof.”


  2. Actually God was never alive except in the minds of the poor benighted followers. Over 2,000 years now and still no viable proof. Sad.

    On a happy note; there are now more non-believers (in any god) then there are Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, many Protestant sects, and almost as many Catholics and Muslims…and they are growing in numbers. Maybe humanity is finally starting to wake up from the nightmare of religious belief.

    • Hej 🙂

      Could you defend your claim?

      Even if I grant that there are more non-believer, is still does not follow that God does not exist. Truth does not depend on Statistics 🙂

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