Pow! There Goes An Atheist 1.3 Down

Discussion what atheism is?

Atheist: I do not have to give any  justification that your God does not exist. It is  you, faith-headed people who bear the burden of proof.

Christian: Why do you think atheist are not to shoulder the burden of proof?


Atheist: Because atheism is the absence of belief – there is no evidence or reason to accept claims for a god. Atheism is not a belief in no gods, atheism is a rejection of beliefs in gods.

Christian: So you mean atheism is not “a belief that there is no God”, but simply “no belief there is a God”?

Atheist: Yes.  One can not give evidence for a non-belief in unicorns, fairy creatures or a God/gods. 🙂

Christian: Is this not a re-definition of the term “atheism”, a way to avoid the burden of proof?

Atheist: What do you mean?

Christian: Well, in that re-definition, atheism is not a view but mere psychological state which is shared by people who hold various views or no view at all.

Atheist: I am not following your reasoning!

Christian: If atheism is a “no belief in God”, then it not a view. Babies, mental handicaps, and animals(assuming they do not have a belief in God) are then atheists.

Atheist: But that is what atheism is? We are only expressing non-belief, nothing more, nothing-less.

Christian: That is untrue.  Atheism does not merely mean no believe in God, but a belief there is no God. It  involves both “not believing that there is a God” and “believing that there is no God.”

Atheist: No! Atheism involves only  not believing there is a God, full stop.

Christian: Re-defining words to avoid the burden of proof would not work, because if that is all atheism involves, then it  stops to be a view.

Atheist: So what, if it not a view?

Christian: So I think you’re still required to give a justification in order to know that God does not exist.  Atheism is more than a non-belief there is God. You hold a view that involves a belief that there is no God.

Atheist: I still do not agree!

Christian: I know!But you and I my friend, still need to answer the question, Is there a God or not?

N.B: Christian view has a good philosophical and historical grounds that  There is God. See The Existence of God on your upper right 🙂

Book To Read: There Is a God: How the World’s Most Notorious Atheist Changed His Mind by Antony Flew

7 thoughts on “Pow! There Goes An Atheist 1.3 Down

  1. atheism – to be without theism – no belief

    because there’s no evidence for any god and the christian stories simply do not match up with history

    like Jews were never slaves in Egypt, There’s no evidence Jesus existed – so that makes the story fall apart

    • Atheist: There is no evidence for any god and the christian stories simply do not match up with history. Example: Jews were never slaves in Egypt and no evidence Jesus existed.

      Christian: What do you mean by the term evidence? And what evidence lead you to conclude that Jews were never slaves in Egypt and Jesus never existed?

  2. Hi

    I often comment from locations other than my home computer, so it’s not an intentional hit and run, but more a lost track of where I’ve been.
    But I seem to regularly enough find you and am happy to continue posting.

    Atheist: Atheism is a rejection of claims for religion owing to lack of evidence. It is not an alternative or replacement, but rejection full stop.

    No religions have ever provided compelling evidence to support their claims, but religion persist because religion has performed a social function that is intertwined with culture to define group characteristics, determine who is in and out is out of the group and to enforce the rules to maintain group cohesion.

  3. you need to know what athiesm is about before you can write our dialog.

    also, you have fallen into the unworthy adversary writing problem – which was why Milton was forced to write Satan as a stronger and more compelling character in Paradise Lost – to avoid god being a bully – which, being imniopotent, there was no way around – but Satan had to appear to have a chance

    you instead have made your athiest character overly simple and too easily dominatee by your bully beleiver character, because this is not an honest debate, but a forgone conlcusion, using weak strawmen

    you do not do your argument any good by creating a weak opponent to prove it

    I cvaguely recall being on your blog before and I don’t recall if you approved my reply or not – so many believers will not approve posts that do not approve of their blog – which is basically part of the problem, beleivers expect special consideration and no critique of their views

    • Hej Random,

      That you for your comment and also to see you back on my blog.

      You commented 2 times before at Burden Of Proof, the Atheist’s Rabbit Hole(01.06.11) and Pow! There Goes An Atheist 1.1 Down. Sadly they were hit and run 😦 I would love if you have would(will) have great discussion. I am a believers will approve posts that do not approve of their blog/belief, so please do unload your critique of my views(Christian theistic) belief.

      Would it be okay if we take the above dialog between you and me. You be strong opponent, the Atheist and I, the “bully” Christian(kidding, just a Christian 🙂 )

      Christian: What is atheism? And why should not atheist shoulder shoulder the burden of proof?

  4. That’s the same thing Penn Jillette explains in his essay There is no God. He also points out how it is easy to be an atheist, and how you may not be able to prove a negative, but it isn’t nessicary.

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