Pow! There Goes A Skeptic 1.3 Down

More and more internet skeptics claim that Jesus of Nazareth did not exist. Reginald Finley, an internet skeptic(infidelguy.com) got a pow! there goes a skeptic down by a non-Christian historian Dr. Bart Ehrman (leading New Testament criticizer)

Dr. Bart Ehrman (best-selling author of Misquoting Jesus), who is NOT a Christian, was interviewed about the historical Jesus and whether He existed or not. Reginald Finley (of the infidelguy.com fame) challenged Dr. Ehrman on this “Jesus Myth” theory. As the debate reveals, this mythicist view of Jesus is not taken seriously in New Testament and historical scholarly circles. This is a rare moment in the freethinking society where Dr. Ehrman actually agrees with Christians on the existence of the historical Jesus.(Cite: Youtube’s )

For Christian Answers To Bart Ehrman: Visite: Ehrman Project

“Dr. Bart Ehrman is raising significant questions about the reliability of the Bible. In an engaging way, he is questioning the credibility of Christianity. His arguments are not new, which he readily admits. Numerous Biblical scholars profoundly disagree with his findings. This site provides responses to Dr. Ehrman’s provocative conclusions.”(Cite: Ehrman Project)


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  1. Héhéhé…I do think some nonbelievers might be going too far, not even wanting Jesus to exist…I personally, as I’ve said earlier, think it’s most logical to accept what most of the experts accept…but that he did live doesn’t make Christianity true, héhé, I hope you realize…and I’ll leave you, my dear Prayson, with something Ehrman wrote, pretty similar to my point against the resurrection (from more than half a year ago, that you have not demonstrated the ability to react to…yet, héhé)…found it a couple weeks ago…:

    “Why was the tomb supposedly empty? I say supposedly because, frankly, I don’t know that it was. Our very first reference to Jesus’ tomb being empty is in the Gospel of Mark, written forty years later by someone living in a different country who had heard it was empty. How would he know?…Suppose…that Jesus was buried by Joseph of Arimathea…and then a couple of Jesus’ followers, not among the twelve, decided that night to move the body somewhere more appropriate…But a couple of Roman legionnaires are passing by, and catch these followers carrying the shrouded corpse through the streets. They suspect foul play and confront the followers, who pull their swords as the disciples did in Gethsemane. The soldiers, expert in swordplay, kill them on the spot. They now have three bodies, and no idea where the first one came from. Not knowing what to do with them, they commandeer a cart and take the corpses out to Gehenna, outside town, and dump them. Within three or four days the bodies have deteriorated beyond recognition. Jesus’ original tomb is empty, and no one seems to know why.

    Is this scenario likely? Not at all. Am I proposing this is what really happened? Absolutely not. Is it more probable that something like this happened than that a miracle happened and Jesus left the tomb to ascend to heaven? Absolutely! From a purely historical point of view, a highly unlikely event is far more probable than a virtually impossible one…” [See pages 171-179] “…from…:

  2. Dr. Ehrman was a fundamentalist Christian most of his life. He currently teaches religion at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.

    His studies in Christianity led to his eventual realization that it was all mythical.

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