Blogging and Personal Life

It is over a month since I updated my blog or answered comments. Three reasons to why I took a blog-fasting time off are:

  • Apologetic out of passions for people and not for arguments sake

    Damsels in Distress

I took this time off for personal prayers, reading and self examination to see  whether my blog reflected Christ Jesus in me. Did I gave arguments for arguments sake or for the passion and genuine concern of the real person reading my blog. I took this period to evaluate my motives.

  • Blogging And Family

Blogs do demand attentions. Reading, researching, evaluating and answering comments takes a lot of time and energy. My time spend on blogging and answering comment affected my relationship with my wonderful wife(mostly when I stayed up late answering comments) and my friends around me. In this blog-fasting period, I re-learned to delight and adore my wife, showing her that I do treasure her infinitely above blogging.

  • Blogging Our Of Joy

I did lost focus on why I blogged. I  blogged because I “thought” I had to and not because I loved and  joyed to as when I started. This time out brought me back to the joy I had in writing because I love to. I re-leaned that our God is sovereign and he does all, (including reaching out those who deny Him)  that he pleases and its He who draws people to Christ.

Now I am back blogging and will answer all the comments sent to me as soon as possible.

A lot of thanks to my regular readers and commentators Héhé, Brap Gronk, thewordofme, Random Ntrygg, NaughtyGnosiophile, Alexander Winslow,Stephen Butterfield, Jay Osborne, Noreligion, Lance Ponder, Robert and many subscribers. I am back 🙂

In Christ I Trust,