Can A Homosexual Change?

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  1. Based on the way you framed the question, I would quote the results of a recently published study from an evangelical journal. The evangelical journal reports: “Sexual Behavior Changes but Not Sexual Orientation”. These findings are from evangelical psychologist Mark Yarhouse and his research team at Pat Robertson’s Regent University. The study was recently published in a journal from the evangelical Society for Christian Psychology.

    Given the evangelical identity of the researchers, their base of operation and publisher, together with the corroborating evidence from studies by another evangelical psychologist (see below), very serious and sobering questions are raised over the “pastoral” recommendations for mixed-orientation marriage made by “ex-gay” advocates and other church leaders.

    In another study involving in depth interviews with over 300 same-sex attracted people who married heterosexually, it was found that over all married gay people assess themselves as growing MORE same-sex attracted over time. This finding of intensified homosexual longing within and after their mixed-orientation marriages is from evangelical psychologist, Warren Throckmorton. He says, “On the whole, the group assessed themselves as more gay in their attractions and fantasies than when they were 18.” While some continue to say it is possible to change orientation, the evangelical psychologist reports, “Saying this is not consistent with research and clinical experience.”

    As a former leader of a so-called ex-gay ministry — during which time I also gave my testimony as an ex-gay on Pat Robertson’s The 700 Club — I’ve had the opportunity to know literally hundreds of “ex-gays” personally. Though these people were among the most dedicated Christians I have ever met, they are now almost all “ex-ex-gays.”
    For links to the study and quotes cited, click here:

    -Alex Haiken

    • Thanks NotAScientist,

      I believe you got the question in wrong way.(Its probably my fault, it is a lousy title). The question is, can a person who practices homosexual behavior change?

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