3 thoughts on “New Atheist + Bad Argument

  1. The main problem with that statement is the word “only.” Here’s a better wording of that argument, IMHO:

    – The majority of people on the planet practice the same religion as their parents. (No, I don’t have any data to support that statement. But I’ve never seen it seriously refuted, nor have I ever seen any data to the contrary.)

    – Since religious belief is not more evenly distributed geographically, that is a good indication that the major factors determining what religion a person chooses to practice as an adult are that person’s family environment and the culture they were raised in.

    • – Brilliant Charies! You got it right. Could you also explain how does it comment genetic fallacy?

      – Brap, here is a more clue:

      “You believe that the earth is round only because you were born in a scientific age!”


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