How Are 400,000 Variants or Errors In the New Testament Explained?

Dr. Michael Kruger, Associate Professor of New Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary and Dr. Ed Gravely , Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary explained the 400,000 variants or error found in New Testament as they answer Dr. Bart Ehrman’s  significant questions about the reliability of the Bible.

Dr. Michael Kruger – “How do we explain the Bible’s 400,000 errors?”

Dr. Ed Gravely – “Aren’t there 400,000 Variants or Errors in the New Testament?”

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  1. Thanks for the post, Prayson. Dr. Daniel Wallace, who is the director of the “Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts” has a wonderful series on “iTunes U” for free download that addresses some of these issues. Also, if I may suggest Dr. Wallace’s recent debate with Dr. Ehrman that took place on 01 October of this year which was very helpful in addressing this issue. Finally, Dr. James R. White did an outstanding job refuting Dr. Ehrman in their debate which took place on Jan. of 2009. I was blessed enough to have been there to see Dr. White’s outstanding apologetic on this issue. For those interested in the series on iTunes U or in these two debates, the links are below.

    Textual Criticism:

    Wallace v. Ehrman:

    Ehrman v. White:

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