Who Is Christ Jesus? Answers From Clement(ca. 150- 215 A.D.)

Titus Flavius Clemens (c.150 – c. 215) of Alexandria is among the early Christian theologians who defended Christian teachings against Jews and Greeks. I find some of Clement of Alexandria’s writing tough, but worth it if you are interested in knowing the belief of early Christians.

The part I wish to share is Clements commentary of 1 John 1:1, found in the fragments of Clemens Alexandrinus: He wrote:

Chap. 1:1. “That which was from the beginning; which we have seen with our eyes; which we have heard.”

Following the Gospel according to John, and in accordance with it, this Epistle also contains the spiritual principle.

What therefore he says, “from the beginning,” the Presbyter explained to this effect, that the beginning of generation is not separated from the beginning of the Creator. For when he says, “That which was from the beginning,” he touches upon the generation without beginning of the Son, who is co-existent with the Father. There was, then, a Word importing an unbeginning eternity; as also the Word itself, that is, the Son of God, who being, by equality of substance, one with the Father, is eternal and uncreate[d]. That He was always the Word, is signified by saying, “In the beginning was the Word.”

But by the expression, “we have seen with our eyes,” he signifies the Lord’s presence in the flesh, “and our hands have handled,” he says, “of the Word of life.” He means not only His flesh, but the virtues of the Son, like the sunbeam which penetrates to the lowest places,—this sunbeam coming in the flesh became palpable to the disciples. It is accordingly related in traditions, that John, touching the outward body itself, sent his hand deep down into it, and that the solidity of the flesh offered no obstacle, but gave way to the hand of the disciple.

“And our hands have handled of the Word of life;” that is, He who came in the flesh became capable of being touched.

Who is Christ Jesus? Clement of Alexandria answered: ” the Son of God, who being, by equality of substance, one with the Father, is eternal and uncreate[d].”


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