14 Steps: Preparation Of Expository Sermon

Bryan Chapell, in Christ-centered preaching: Redeeming the expository sermon, offered 14 steps a preacher could use to prepare an expository sermon. Here is Chapell figure of preparation pyramid that “captures the essence of these formulas while emphasizing ideas central to expository preaching as defined in this book.

Chapell noted that “[t]he steps preachers take in preparing messages vary according to the personality of the preacher, the time available, the nature of the occasion, the type of sermon, the prior knowledge the preacher has of the text, and many other factors. Still, general guidance is helpful as preachers begin developing their own personal approach to preparing sermons”(Chapell 2005:344).

It is my hope, for all of us who love expository sermons, to make use of Chapell’s steps in preparation of our sermons.

“Read the text, research the material, then focus everything on a single idea.”

– Bryan Chapell

Chapell, B. (2005). Christ-centered preaching: Redeeming the expository sermon (Second Edition) Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Academic.

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  1. This is a lot of work. Preachers go through a lot every week before Sunday morning. I guess something as important as a Sunday sermon deserves no less.

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