The Grand Narrative: Bible Story in 3 Minutes

The Gospel Project is a Christ-centered curriculum that examines the grand narrative of Scripture and how the gospel transforms the lives of those it touches. Over a three-year plan of study, each session immerses participants — adults, students, and kids — in the gospel through every story, theological concept, and call to missions from Genesis to Revelation.(The Gospel Project)

4 thoughts on “The Grand Narrative: Bible Story in 3 Minutes

  1. Stories are characterized by a plot that involves characters, events, narrative tensions, and resolution. Oral stories give listeners a sense of action and drama by developing characterizations, dialogue, vivid descriptions, and using animated delivery. Emotional sincerity and involvement are hallmarks of a good storyteller.

  2. Since I’m living in Japan right now, I decided to read some books that include Japan, so I could continue to learn about it. I am almost finished reading “Silence” by Shusaku Endo. It’s beautifully written and I recommend it. This particular story is of a Portuguese priest in the 17th century, who sneaks into Japan to provide guidance to secret Japanese Christians who are being killed for their faith, but who refuse to renounce their faith. His own path reminds him constantly of the life of Jesus on Earth. The things he witnesses, and his own suffering, helps him understand Christ’s suffering. He grows particularly familiar with a Japanese man who embodies the Judas role.

    Of course, that may not have anything to do with the Gospel Project, but it’s another version of a familiar Bible narrative. When I watched this video, I was reminded of the fictional Japanese story on my mind tonight.

    • O thank you Crystal for sharing. C. S. Lewis observed that brilliant stories, fictional or non-fictional echoes the Grand Story. Reading The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potters, The Lord of the Ring et cetera or watching Marvel Comics movies, I am starting to believe Lewis was correct.

      Thank you so much Crystal

      • You are not the only one that think Lewis’s observation was onto something of Great Stories echoing the Greatest Story ever told. I’m believing that more and more as I grow in my Christian walk observing the cultural artifacts around us–be it classics or pop culture.

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