Ben Witherington III + Jesus’ Wife Controversy

Seven Minute Seminary provided a brilliant intake of Ben Witherington III thoughts on Karen L. King “Gospel of Jesus’ Wife”.

J. W. Wartick did a brilliant task of assembling an array of responses:  Jesus’ wife? A survey of responses.

I will add to Wartick’s list:

What About the Back of the So-Called Gospel of Jesus’s Wife? by Michael Kruger

Did Jesus Have A Wife? : A Caution to Media Sensationalism by Randy Hardman

Btw: It is wonderful to be back after a 3 weeks visit in Arusha, Tanzania. My wife, Lea, and I took our 6 months daughter, Eliose Madaleine, to see her grandparents and great grandma. It was lovely to be back to my native country.

10 thoughts on “Ben Witherington III + Jesus’ Wife Controversy

  1. Of course Jesus didn’t have a wife!!!…I mean, that doesn’t make any sense!!…How can you spend your life saving people from yourself, and then die sacrificing yourself to yourself and raise from the dead to prove that you are really yourself to only a few people who can then only testify they saw yourself if you have sex like everyone else!???!!!…Of course, eating, drinking, going to the restroom like other people do is ok, but sex!!!…Eww…having a wife casts such ridicule on all that rationality…

  2. Thanks for the video, Prayson. It seems like here lately the skeptics have come to the conclusion that doctrines such as resurrection, emaculate conception and so forth are hard to refute; so now they are trying to come up with other ways of discrediting Christianity.

    Yet what they do not realize is that marriage is not sinful and therefore it would not have been a sin for Christ to be married. Of course we know that he wasn’t married because he came for the purpose of fulfilling God’s plan of redemption

  3. Thanks for posting this, thats an exellent analysis of Ben Witherington. To be fair BBC brought with a lot of trivia and political motivated statemens also the facts.
    When I first read about it I discarded the headline conclusion immediately. Anybody who reads a bit about the history and language of the gospel might react similar. A papyrus fragment in Egyptian Coptic of the fourth century, isn’t a proof of any historical value of Jesus’ life. It’s indeed most likely nothing more than one of many gnostic heresies. From Christianity’s From the beginnings, the Church has been attacked by those introducing false teachings, or heresies – it seems some Christian churches are too weak now to fight this fungus off. Thanks god, I am Catholic. Having said that, If you read the Luke Gospel, you will found importance Jesus assigned to women..
    By the way, Prof Karen Leigh King is an expert in Gostic writtings; she could tell the – sorry for my language – stupid press, but of course publish or perish.

  4. Thanks Prayson.
    Now if someone asks,I know I can say,”The text is written was written 2 to 4 centuries after Christ by Arab Egyptian heretical Gnostics, in a southern Egyptian Coptic dialect. That Gnostics believed holiness came by avoiding sex, and use the word ,”wife”, in reference to female fellow workers who they do not share sexual intimacy with.

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