2013 Hole On Top of A Tree

Tree“You must climb to the top and then you’ll see a hole” said an old Witch to the matching Soldier in H. C. Andersen tale The Tinder Box. As the matching soldier I climbed to the top of With All I Am blog tree, grown in 2013,  and see a beautiful hole that my blog readers have made in my journey to explore, learn, share the little I know about God, through philosophy and theology.

There are many wonderful and awesome bloggers I found well engaging and greatly thankful for their constructive criticisms, inspiring comments, and corrections. Here I chose only three who challenged me to explore foreign territories and constantly gave me reasons to keep thinking, writing, and sharing with the motto, “when love comes first, our disagreements follow at their proper place”.

Crystal M. Trulove, the most true, loving, and remarkable person, there are no words to capture the impact and ceaseless echoes of your words in my own journey. Your posts masterfully joined together sentences in a way that pour whispers of delight, and thankfulness, flowing with harmonious symphony that brings your reader to feel, hear and smell your photographs as the journey with you. Thank you Crystal for our friendship. I am looking forward for our coffee and cupcakes time together.

With All I Am – Tanzanian Prayson Daniel takes his theology studies seriously and passionately. In fact, it is his own ceaseless searching for his path in faith that led him to these studies. He immerses himself in academic studies of Christianity, as well as history of Christianity, and modern applications of theological perspectives. Prayson is constant, earnest, loving, open, and humble. He and I share a lot of love, even though I am atheist and he is devout. He is helping my defensive and angry heart to learn about the better parts of Christianity, and is not trying to convert me

Crystal M. Trulove

Portland, OR

Robert Nielsen, a fiercely gifted economical and political thinker, I treasure our discourses and friendship. Though we hold two different worldviews, and thus disagree in many issues, we are united in hope of understanding each other. Thank you Robert for contributing two guest posts: “ Why I Am Not A Christian” and “The Problem with Forgiveness”.

[With All I Am] A religious blog that I greatly enjoy arguing with. Probably the most intellectual and well thought out theist blog I know

Robert Nielsen


John Zander, a brilliantly aspiring and genuinely honest critic, I salute your character and the work you put in in “Of course what you say is true, but we should not say it publically”, it is classical. Thank you John for your constantly constructive criticism, which are often full of gentleness and valued inputs.

Representatively, thank you Steven Dunn, N.P. Sala, Richard L. Rice, R. L. Culpeper, Keyle Hendricks, Tazein Mirzasaad, JD Blom, Noel, LeRoy, Mark Shields, Joseph Richardson, Patricia Pledger, and many anonymous and alias bloggers. This list is unending and I must have not included many other equally wonderful readers. Feel forgot? Drop me a complain or(and) a smile on the comment box.

If you have encouraging words, suggestions for 2014, or constructive criticism about With All I Am, do leave a comment or mail me at withalliamgod[at]gmail[dot]com. Thank you all for a wonderful 2013.

5 thoughts on “2013 Hole On Top of A Tree

  1. Prayson, you bless us all with your kind words. Your work on this site is excellent and you truly are a model ambassador for Christ, brother! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for 2014.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    • You are a gem Prayson. I love you, and the fact your posts make me search and learn.

      Jesus was determined that his disciples understood that his Gospel would cause division. Jesus did not come to affirm the spiritual status-quo, but to trample it. He did not come with open hands acquiescing to the evil unchecked evil, but to conquer it in Spirit and in Truth. Jesus also did not come to affirm the injustice and hatred in the world. He came to provide a way that would separate his people from it, to separate out those who believed in him from those who would not. Jesus also unveiled the greatest of all challenges with his coming: to love him more than anything or anyone, even family.

      Any mother or father who loves their children will tell you that to love Jesus more than a little boy who calls you “Daddy” or a little girl who calls you “Mommy” is simply impossible apart from divine intervention. And yet in Matthew 10 Jesus says that those who love their children more than him are not worthy of him. Though Jesus closes the chapter by saying that the simplest kindness in his name will be rewarded, no true act of kindness can come without the transformational work of the Holy Spirit in the heart causing that heart to love Jesus above all else. Even the smallest kindness has to come from faith in Jesus Christ, and this faith only comes from the finger of God himself.

      The Gospel was never designed to win the approval of the world. It is a spiritual irritant designed to pierce hearts and divide souls (Hebrews 4:12). The Gospel threatens the most basic, deeply engrained of human perceptions and the oldest traditions. It tears down conventional wisdoms and chases superstitions back into the dark.

      The Gospel is a living truth uttered from the lips of God himself, and it is a truth that simply asks us to stop chasing the lie that control and self-sufficiency is attainable. It asks us to surrender ourselves before God through faith in Jesus Christ.

      May God bless you and all who read these words.


  2. Thank you for your compliment Prayson. I, too, enjoy your postings … and nearly always agree with you. I’ve found the dialogue with some of your other readers to be most enlightening, and sometimes frustrating, but always spirited and intelligent. Thank you for providing your insight and another Reformed voice.

  3. “when love comes first, our disagreements follow at their proper place”

    I am moved almost to tears reading your words. You seem to have stayed true to the path you were hoping for, Prayson. There is no difficulty finding that you do, indeed, place love first.

    So grateful for our friendship. With love back atcha, Crystal

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