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Logos Bible Software

Library assistant was one of the most beautiful job I had as a young teenager who was methodical, passionate, and enthusiastic about the value of books. Assisting others to find the right books, journals and other information was more than a job for me, it was an utmost privilege that brought me joy.

Logos Bible Software 5, multi-platform Bible study software, does not only have an incredibly rich theological library on PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Android but also a personal library assistant that is revalorizing the way we interact with the Bible.

Logos is the most advance Bible software that will assist you in your academic studies, articles or sermon preparation, and personal education or devotion. It is powerful tool that brings you closer to the Word of God.


This is a short synopsis of Logos Bible Software 5 Diamond based packaged and the two features that will bring you closer to the Bible.

Diamond package is for those who seriously want to study the Bible. This package contains over 2000 magnificently rich resources for all Bible students and scholars.  659 volumes of Bible commentaries, 241 volumes of biblical studies, 395 volumes on church history and theology, 99 rich original language grammars, lexicons, word studies and much more.

2  Ways Logos Bible Software 5 Brings You Closer to the Word


Passage Guide + Topic Guide

Entering the Bible passage in Logos’ Passage Guide or a topic in Logos’ Topic Guide you wish to explore, Logos’ guide feature quickly and intelligently gather together wealthy information from your library about that particular passage or topic.

Logos’ Passage Guide and Topic Guide also interact with another feature, Logos’ Bible Facts, which offers profiles, family trees, maps, illustrations, timelines and more.

Exegetical Guide

WordEntering the Bible passage you wish to study, Logos’ Exegetical Guide feature brings you closer to the original language word by word. This feature gathers information from different interlinear, dictionaries, lexicons and much more to aid you interpret that particular passage.

Product Cost: Is it Affordable?

Diamond based package contain resources of 52,500.00 USD print value. Logos offers it for 3,449.95 USD. It is possible to divide your payments installments up to 12 times. Logos offers students a reasonable discount.

There are also other based packages ranging in price from 294.95 USD to 4,979.95 USD. I would recommend Diamond based package for serious students who are methodical, passionate, and enthusiastic about of the Bible.

14 thoughts on “Reasons To Use Logos Bible Software 5 Diamond

  1. Thanks Prayson! Your comments are most helpful.

    If you would, please let your readers know about a very helpful Logos Bible Software training website:

    They have free, live training as well as very affordable, in-depth training for the beginner to the expert to get more out of Logos.

  2. Looks like a great tool for a potentially overwhelming Book. Many, many times I have wanted a better tool to review my Bible. I probably won’t spend the money on this amazing tool, as it is more than I need, but I’m glad to know its there for people who can really use it. I’ll let others know about it.

    • You always to warm my heart Crystal. You could get without cost the software and add book-collection of your own choosing ranging from commentaries, original languages, theology and classical philosophical works of Plato, Aristotle, Cicero &c, middle age philosophical works Descartes, Leibniz, Spinonza &c and enlightment philosophical works Hume, Kant &c.

      Thank you Crystal for your kind words. You are simply the best.

  3. Great overview Prayson, thanks for posting. I love to seeing how our software brings others closer to the Word–What base package did you first purchase from Logos?

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