Theological Studies’ Students: 4 Reasons To Use Logos Bible Software 5

LogosConsider the following representative scenario theological studies’ students find themselves in: You have a theological claim C to argue for or against. You’re expected to offer supporting evidences for the position you come to hold. You’re equally expected to interact with historical and contemporary sources dealing with claim C.

Diamond2As a brilliant theological studies’ student, you must show that you are aware of other possible interpretations of the supporting evidences you have provided for your case. You’re required to demonstrate that you are conscious of possible objections to your position, their merits and shortcoming. When required, you need to show where you agree or(and) disagree with the opposing views.  Before offering a rebuttal of opposing views, you must show that you have fully understood their positions.

For such tasks, you need the right resources to read and interact. You have to research and be familiar with both past and present sources. Logos Bible Software 5 is just a tool you need to assist you for this kind of tasks. Here I shared  4 reasons I use Logos 5 Diamond package as a biblical and theological studies’ student.

1. Unfathomable Theological Resources

My Resources

First, additional resources on top of 659 volumes of Bible commentaries, 475 volumes biblical and theological studies, 161 volumes on church history, which comes with Diamond package that I think a biblical studies’ student needs for a solid research:

(i) Theological Journal Library, vols. 1-15 which contains 686 volumes of theological, archaeological and apologetic journals from world-leading societies. This additional library includes priceless articles and reviews from Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society (1958-2005, 2007-2011), Bibliotheca Sacra Journal (1934-2005, 2007-2011), Tyndale Bulletin (1956-2008), Westminster Theological Journal (1938-1948, 1950-2005, 2007-2011) and much more.

(ii) Zondervan Counterpoints Collection (14 vols.) or Counterpoints Series (17 vols.). These resources will familiarize students with different views on different biblical and theological issues. They offer, for example, Five Views on Law and Gospel (1996), Four Views on the Book of Revelation (1998), Understanding Four Views on Baptism (2007) and so much more.

I chose these resources because they equipped me with different historical and contemporary information from a diverse theological traditions¹. Knowing different approaches toward a specific topic is one of the essentials for writing a healthy and less bias assessment.

To see Logos 5 wide and rich array of resources see Products Home.

2. Bottomless Theological Research

Logos 5 does not only have a wide and rich array of resources for biblical and theological studies, it also have a powerful and intelligent researching tool, that  helps you look for a specific topic of inquiry in less than a minute. Topic Guide, one of Logos 5 feature for example, is design to intelligently gather together information on your whole or specific places in your library on that inquired topic. This remarkable feature lineup relevant page(s) of all books, journals and articles dealing specific with that particular topic of research.Guide Tool

Another noteworthy feature for gathering data is the “Search” tool. This tool can be customized not only to find exactly what you are looking for but also where you want it to look for. Search is divided into three additional options: (a) what to search (b) in which place, and (c) for which topic/word.

Example, you can search for articles dealing with penal view of atonement in Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society (JETS) and Westminster Theological Journal (WTJ), where the word penal and atonement are within 5 words rage from each other by a simple command written on the search box: “(penal) WITHIN 5 words atonement”. Within 12.33 seconds, Logos 5 returned 105 results in 24 articles in 14 journals.


To get the best of Searching Tool see Logos Desktop Tutorials, Understanding the Basic.

3. Profound Theological Citation & Bibliography

Creating a bibliography of a 20+ pages assignment can be mind-boggling. When you have not fully documented sources used in your assignment, this task can be time-consuming. With Logos Bible Software 5, your do not have to worry about citation nor bibliography. It creates it all for you in a blink of an eye.

Historical Jesus Biblio

Logos keeps a history of what you have been reading and citing. Then it automatically arrange the sources used in a citation style, i.e. MLA, SBL, APA, Harvard, etc, of your choice. Finally it allow you to then exports it to your word processor, e.g. MS-Office Word.

See more on this timesaving feature: Logos Bibliography

4. Colossal Theological Library & Research Mobility

With Logos 5, you are locational-wise unlimited. You have your whole library and library assistant (researching tools) with you at all time and all places. You do not have to carry 15+ printed books and journals out of Biblical and Theological Faculty’s library. You do not have to worry that a particular book or journal is already lent out. Loaning periods, renewing and overdue fines will be things of the past.

With Logos 5 on your computer, you will always have your whole library with you. With mobile devices such as iPad, Tablets, iPhone, etc, Logos apps. allow  you search and read your resources whenever and wherever you are. Downloaded resources can be read offline.

Logos Bible Software 5 also allows you to rent some resources. These are among few of resources you can rent for less than 50 USD/Month:

·      The Complete Classic Commentaries Bundle (1,537 vols.)

·      Evangelical Exegetical Commentary (EEC) (7 vols.)

·      Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament (BECNT) (16 vols.)

·      Early Christian and Jewish Literature (12 vols.)

Closing Observations

With Logos 5 assistance I saw my assignments grades moved from distinction (D) characters to high distinction (HD). I have not even begin to touch the surface of the tremendous power of Logos 5, which benefited me in my last 3 years of B.theology undergraduate student. These are but some of the  reasons I use Logos 5 Diamond package as biblical and theological studies’ student.

Note:¹I only possess the former on Logos 5, and some of the latter in hard copies.

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