Explosive Joy & Divine Romance

Gandolfi Allegory of JusticePeace and salvation, Yahweh is King (Isa. 52:7-8). This was and is a victorious proclamation that Yahweh’s kingdom has come on earth as it is in heaven. The God of Israel has return to His people. Here comes the inauguration of the eschatological era. It is the dawn of the new creation. The time of restoration of the fallen world has come. “Behold, your God”, proclaims those who herald this evangelion to God’s people who are anxiously waiting to hear the good news. Waiting to hear that  the time of God’s dominion on earth as it is in heaven has come.

Where this evangelion is proclaimed, there there is an explosive joy among God’s people. This explosive joy is rooted in Christ Jesus. He is not only the bringer of the evangelion but also the evangelion itself. He is the bringer of God’s kingdom in heaven to earth and He is the everlasting King in that joyous divine rule that will wipe away God’s people tears, bring end to morning, suffering, pain and death. He is also the true fountain of the living infinitely and imperishable joy itself.

The Church is called to heralding this evangelion. She is sent to herald God’s redemptive drama. She is sent to behold Christ Jesus as the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the fallen world and as the Lion of Judah, who has triumphed over darkness.

The Church is the last Eve. She is kept pure. She is without stain or wrinkle. For Her last Adam is keeping Her holy and blameless. Her mission, heralding and living in this divine romance, is a reaction. Just like laughter, it is not an action.

This mission is a reaction towards an overwhelming and compelling divine love. She is overwhelmed and compelled to be like Him, and to act like Him. She is overwhelmed and compelled to be holy, loving, patient and kind. She overwhelmed and compelled to protect the weak, to persevere in the darkness, to rejoice in truth, to welcome the outcasts, to heal the wounded and to bring hope in despair. The divine love compels Her to rekindle heaven on earth.

5 thoughts on “Explosive Joy & Divine Romance

  1. Personal experience rather than words can confirm “the victorious proclamation that Yahweh’s kingdom has come on earth as it is in heaven” according to the irrevocable terms in the “new covenant” and the seal in Christ’s death on the cross.

    For one confirmation, the Revelation by John Chapter 21 refers.

    • I checked my email today and what is most interesting? Praysons’ new post.

      Explosive Joy & Divine Romance indeed! But how sad do I feel there are so many left out. So many rob themselves of what we have. They struggle and are ruled by ignorance, vindictiveness, and a perceived self-worth that demands a rejection of the what we experience to be true and valid, which is love and joy and the glorious thing we call LIFE ABUNDANT THROUGH CHRIST OUR SAVIUOR.

      In my joy do I rejoice that my God loves me and is ever diligent in bringing me closer to Himself.

      Thank you brother Prayson.

      • If you leave out THE MEANS of the death of Jesus, a.k.a., God’s mark of approval or the-image-of-God bearing seal in the “new covenant”, there will be little or no difference whatsoever between the so-called believers and the scoffers.

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