The Lost World of Genesis“Creations’ debate game changer” is my four words review of John H. Walton’s 192-paged InterVarsity Press published book The Lost World of Genesis One (2009). Noting that the Old Testament was not written to us but for us, Walton returns us to the lost and forgotten ancient Jews to whom the Testament was written to. He, thus, invites us to decipher ancient Near East cosmology as they would have had understood it. The result, if true, is a game changer in American heating up creations-debate. It renders the whole debate not only unnecessarily but misguided in the first place. Read More


“The 9th commandment defended” is my four words review of Sam Harris’ 26 paged book “Lying”. Harris succeeded to convince me “that lying, even about the smallest matters, needlessly damages personal relationships and public trust”. . Read More

the-atheists-primer“Resurgence of classical atheism” is my four words review of Michael Palmer’s 170-paged The Lutterworth Press published book The Atheist’s Primer (Nov. 2012). Palmer explorations and commentary on classical atheists, returned the thrust of philosophically engagement of atheism that is often absent in “New Atheism”.Read More

Zondervan's Christian Apologetics“Truth never sleeps” is my three words review of Zondervan’s 560 pages published book, Christian Apologetics: An Anthology Of Primary Sources edited by Chad V. Meister and Khaldoun A. Sweis. This book is a priceless collection of nearly 2000 thousands years robust and powerful apologias presented by Christian apologists who have faithfully contented for the truth of Christian message in the myriad of challenges from both within and without its boundaries(p. 15) in a single volume.Read More

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