Pow! There Goes An Atheist 1.2 Down

Mohammad al-Ghazzālī (1058-1111)

Atheist: Why do you believe that God exits?

Christian: Because there are compelling arguments that He  exists.

Atheist: Let me hear one of them.

Christian: I will offer you the kalam argument.

1. Whatever begins to exist has a cause of its
2. The universe began to exist.

3. Therefore, the universe has a cause of its

Atheist: How is that an argument for existence of God?

Christian: Because the cause of the begining of the universe would have to be uncaused, eternal, changeless, timeless, and immaterial.

Atheist: And those are the attributes of God?

Christian: Yes, and I believe one can also add  personal on that list, because it would have to be a personal agent who freely elects to create an effect in time.

Atheist: If whatever exist has a cause of its existence, what caused God’s existence?

Christian: You have misunderstood proposition 1.  Whatever begins to exist has a cause of its

Atheist: And God being uncaused, eternal, changeless, timeless, and immaterial means He did not begin to exit.

Christian: Yes.

Atheist: That is just a “God of the gaps” reasoning, just because you can not explain the cause of the universe, you take a lazy way out by filling it with God.

Christian:  But what I presented to you is a religiously neutral statements.

Atheist: How so?

Christian: Because these are obviously statements to which scientific evidence is relevant. They may then serve as premisses in a philosophical argument for a conclusion having religious significance. There is no gap here wanting to be filled.

Pow! There Goes An Atheist Down

For a full detail kalam Argument. Dialogue answer to “God of the Gap objection” is inspired by William Lane Craig

Pow! There Goes A Skeptic 1.1 Down

Time Saving Truth

Skeptic: No one can know the truth.

Christian: Is that  true?

Skeptic: Yes, it is true.

Christian: So, one can know certain truth. In your case, it is true that no one can know the truth.

Skeptic: What if I change my answer to “No, it is not true.”

Christian: Well, if what you told me is not true, why should I listen to you.

Skeptic: Okay! But that was just my personal opinion.

Christian: Is your personal opinion true then?

Skeptic: Opinions are neither true or false. Its a free country, I am entitled to what I say.

Christian: It is a free country in a sense that you are free to speak your mind. I am just asking if what you’re free to speak namely “No one can know the truth” is true.

Skeptic: That is just your opinion of what it means by a free country. Which is neither right nor wrong.

Christian: What about my opinion of 2 + 2 = 3, is that also neither right nor wrong?

Skeptic: It is wrong, 2 + 2 = 4.

Christian: So, opinions can be right or wrong.

Skeptic: Oh! I never thought of it that way.

Pow! There Goes An Atheist 1.1 Down

Christian: Why do you believe that God does not exist?

Atheist: Simple, there is no evidence for existence of God.


Christian: How is no evidence for existence of God, evidence for nonexistence of God?

Atheist: What do you mean by that?

Christian: Well, if CSI or FBI find no evidence that Kray Brothers murdered Bill Bob, does that mean Kray Brothers did not murdered Bill Bob?

Atheist: No, but no one can  know for sure if they did or did not murdered Bill Bob.

Christian: You are correct, that position is called agnosticism. Simply means  no enough knowledge to decide.

Atheist: So for me to be an atheist, I need to have evidences that God does not exit?

Christian: Yeap. Moreover even if one succeed in refuting all arguments for existence of God, that by itself does not entail nonexistence of  God.

Atheist: How about the problem of Evil?

Christian: Well, we already answered that one last week.

Atheist: Yeah right! How about evolution?

Christian: Even if evolution is true, it does not entail nonexistence of God, because God could create a universe that evolves.

Atheist:  That is possible! Well give me time to think about that, and I will come with arguments against existence of God.

Christian: I am looking forward. Thank you for a wonderful chat.

Atheist: Thanks back to you.